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Hand Expression

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

How do I hand express and why should I?

Hand expression can help prevent and relieve engorgement, help your baby latch, encourage a letdown/get milk flowing, and remove milk to give to your baby.

1. Wash your hands and massage your breasts. Placing a warm towel across your breasts can help
your milk to flow more easily
2. Place your fingers about an inch from your nipple, make sure your fingers are lined up with your
3. Press towards your chest
4. Gently squeeze your breast
5. Relax your fingers keeping them in the same spot and repeat steps
6. Rotate your fingers around your breast in the same way to access more milk ducts

*When alternating breasts, more milk will flow.

two illustration pictures of two nipples being squeezed with hands

Helpful video
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